Statement from Arthur Blank on the 2020 election

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank releases a statement on the importance of fair elections and democracy


Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United owner Arthur M. Blank released a statement Monday on the importance of fair elections and democracy:

"Free and fair elections are vital to the health of our democracy. The individual right of citizens to vote, and to have their vote properly assessed and counted, warrants the absolute integrity of the process and of all individuals involved in managing the election at the local, state and national levels. More people have voted early or by mail this year and all indications are that turnout will be strong in Georgia and all over the country on Tuesday. I urge everyone who hasn't voted yet to do so on election day. And, as a citizen who believes deeply in the democratic process, I urge officials to ensure the election is carried out with fairness, honesty and the patience required to count every vote that is cast, which is the very essence of American democracy and what every citizen who votes deserves."

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