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SFTB: Few questions and lots of happy Falcons fans after huge win


Saints week has come and gone but, man, that felt good, didn't it? For the Falcons to put all of the distractions (and six-game losing skid) aside and go down there and kick the doors in of the Superdome – and then thoroughly whip the Saints – that was so fun to watch. But now it's on to Week 11 and the Carolina Panthers. Will the Falcons keep it going? We'll find out. In the meantime, you've got plenty of questions, so let's get to them now. Just remember that all opinions here are mine unless otherwise noted.

And we're off.

Gus from Gaithersburg, MD
Beek. Although today's game doesn't right the ship, fix our coaching and performance problems, grant us a winning season or playoff access, it felt to good. Beek, it felt so good that I don't care if we lose the rest of the season, drop down in the draft, or end up firing everybody. Saints, in their dome, after a bye week??? No touchdowns?? Wow. It was a good day to be a Falcons fan. Big props to the guys and coaching staff for such a Mano statement. I agree with your article 100%, this definitely was DQ's biggest win as the Falcons HC.

Matt: Thanks, Gus. That's the kind of win that Falcons fans will savor for a long, long time and that's exactly why I wrote that column. Appreciate the kind words.

Brodie from Castleton-on-Hudson, NY
Hey there Beek! Man was it great watching our team finally play up to their potential from start to finish! And to upset (I won't name them) in their house after the first half of the season, with literally almost everyone everywhere not giving them a shot, was so sweet!! But dude, it was the absolute best to watch what a blast they were having out there, amazing to see them have so much grit, fight and fun again!! No question for ya, just thrilled to have this kind of Sunday again! All the best!

Matt: Hey, Brodie. Good hearing from you and totally agree, man. Let's do it again sometime soon.

Scott from Dalton, GA
There will be those that will contend this messes up their draft position. This win was needed more than any win I can remember in a very long time. You can talk draft all day, but you can't replace a squad that has to have started having some doubts. What they did today should show everyone there is no surrender. May not win, but no surrender. Couldn't be more proud.

Matt: It was a much-needed victory for the fans, too. Couldn't agree more, Scott.

Richard from Bedford, GA
This was an awesome performance by the D. I know it's the Saints and no Falcons team is going to lay down for this game but, in your opinion, is the difference in their play maybe because of DQ making the changes he did? If so, why not three or four games ago when they still could have stood a chance at the playoffs?

Matt: I think it was a lot of things – yes, those moves Dan Quinn decided to make – and, mostly, the players going out and executing the game plan. Give credit to Quinn for making some tough decisions (that were scrutinized) when a lot of people may have been more stubborn simply not willing to try. Hindsight is 20/20, Richard. Every team is different and evolve as the season goes on. It was fun to watch and let's hope they keep it going.

Payton from Milton, GA
Great team win vs. the Saints! Even though we started off slow this season, this is what we needed. We still have lots of football to play but thinking about getting a top-10 pick and then in every round, too, excites me a little more. Falcons can get great players with the first four picks. I like Isaiah Simmons. People don't give him much hype but he's a freakish player that can play, LB, edge, and safety and even nickel so I heard? What are your thoughts? And what do you think about drafting a RB with the one of the first four picks?

Matt: We're at the midpoint of the season and coming off a huge win over the Saints with four more NFC South games coming up, so I'm still very much thinking about this season, Payton. As far as the draft goes, it all depends on where the Falcons are picking and who is available when they do. We don't know any of that yet, but as of right now … I'd go heavy on defense with those initial picks. As far as Isaiah Simmons goes, I think he's got great size and is probably an early-round pick for someone.

George from Phoenix, AZ
I just gotta know man: Where the heck was this the first half of the season? We went from competing for the worst record in the league to going into New Orleans as massive underdogs and beating one of the hottest teams in the league (ugh). Much-needed win and morale boost for the team, but I just wish we were played like this since the beginning, because this game is just a reminder of how good this team can really be.

Matt: I think a lot of Falcons fans were experiencing a multitude of emotions, from "someone pinch me" to "don't screw this up" to "where was this all season long." I hate the expression, but it is what it is. All Falcons fans can do now is hope they keep this train rolling because it is fun to watch.

Christian from Grand Prairie, TX
Hey Beek! It always feels good to get a win against the Aints but it leaves me thinking. The odds of Falcons winning out and making playoffs are still slim, so was this win good for the Falcons, or bad because the Falcons just dropped in draft? I know it's hard to say a win is bad because a win is always good of course.

Matt: We're at the midpoint of the season coming off the biggest upset of the season. Enjoy this one. And, hey, if it makes you feel better about the draft position, the Jets and Dolphins both won, too.

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