Falcons plan to reopen facilities with limited number of staff


The Atlanta Falcons are planning to reopen their facilities on Tuesday with a limited number of staff on hand and full safety precautions will be taken, the team announced.

On Friday, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter tweeted out a memo sent from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to all 32 teams in regard to reopening their facilities. The entire memo is included in Schefter's tweet (below).

"This first phase of reopening is an important step in demonstrating our ability to operate safely and effectively, even in the current environment," Goodell wrote in the memo. "After we implement this first phase, and as more states and localities enact policies that allow more club facilities to reopen, I expect that additional staff, likely including coaching staff, will be allowed to return to club facilities in a relatively short time."

Some of the key provisions noted by Goodell in the memo include:

  • No more than 50 percent of non-player staff will be allowed back into facilities and that number cannot exceed 75 people.
  • No members of the coaching staff will be permitted in the building.
  • No players will be permitted in the building except those currently undergoing medical treatment or rehabilitation.
  • If a strength and conditioning coach is currently participating in player's rehab, he may may continue that work in the facility.

The Falcons have been conducting virtual offseason programs with players over the last few weeks. Coach Dan Quinn provided details of how those programs worked with both veterans and rookies while speaking to the media earlier this week.

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