Falcons name six 'chiefs' for the 2018 season

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – With the roster trimmed down to 52 players and the practice squad taking shape as well, the Falcons' locker room looks a little different heading into 2018. Now, the team knows who exactly they'll be going to work with every day.


Rather than making team captains for the year, Falcons coach Dan Quinn has assembled a group of leaders on the team, and he calls them the "chiefs." The following players have been named the chiefs for the 2018 season: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Grady Jarrett, Alex Mack, Ricardo Allen and Matt Bosher.

"We have quite a few leaders on the team," Quinn said of the chiefs. "When you have that group, really we say at any point, all of us can expect to lead and all of us should expect to be lead. That part of the chiefs is a good way from the team standpoint to communicate up to me. Or if I have some things I have to quickly get down to the team, they're able to communicate that in a really quick way to their teammates."

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