Falcons Audible

Week 4 - Packers game, a Reggie White scare and the Brady, Brees debate

Derek, Dave and DJ break down the Falcons Monday Night Football loss to the Packers, what has surprised them about the Falcons 0-4 start, share a Reggie White story, and pick sides in the Bucs-Saints debate.

Here are some of the timestamps of highlights from the podcast:

1:40 - First thoughts on the Falcons loss to the Packers

3:25 - Derek, DJ and Dave pick their biggest surprises of the 0-4 start in 2020

6:50 - Archer compares the Falcons season to going to the dentist every Sunday

9:40 - A silver lining is found for the Falcons

10:11 - Shock breaks down some of the communication issues impacting the Falcons defense

13:40 - Reggie White almost killed Dave Archer once

18:00 - Derek Rackley tells the story of the Falcons 2004 playoff game that the Rams couldn't figure out

22:30 - DJ Shockley has to pick between Brady and the Bucs, or Brees and the Saints.

23:31 - Archer disagrees and takes the Saints.

24:20 - Rackley breaks the tie and takes the ...

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