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Week 3 - Fourth quarters, finding answers and beating Green Bay

Derek Rackley, Dave Archer and DJ Shockley discuss and provide their answers for the Falcons fourth quarter troubles, and what it will take to get back on track in Green Bay.

2:25: The Falcons fourth quarter the past two weeks has been _. Archer and Shockley fill in the blank as they provide insight on the Falcons fourth quarter issues the past two weeks.

5:30: "Mr. Winner Pants" DJ Shockley digs deep into the memory banks to tell a story about being on a team that got off to a slow start and what it took to turn it around. 

7:23: "Enough is enough". Derek Rackley recalls how the players on the 2002 Falcons team dug deep and turned their season around. 

11:04: Dave Archer recalls how he came to realize as a player that he had to make the transition from college to the NFL, and needing to "find that dog" at this level. And how that will help the Falcons now. 

13:51: Finding the answers - The guys talk about what the Falcons need to do to turn this season around. 

18:19: Packers-Saints: Rack, Arch and Shock give their takes on the Packers win at New Orleans, and what it means for the Saints. 

21:21: "They've become a little too predictable", Arch diagnoses the Saints issues with Michael Thomas out of the lineup. 

22:47: Are the Buccaneers for real? The crew gives their thoughts on what they saw in the Buccaneers win in Denver.

26:10: In order for the Falcons to get a victory Monday, they need to __. The guys fill in the blank one last time.

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