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  • FalconCast: Falcons vs. Colts Preview

    Posted Nov 19, 2015

    AtlantaFalcons.com's John Michaels, DJ Shockley and Jay Adams look ahead to Sunday' game as the Falcons return to the Georgia Dome to take on the Indianapolis Colts.

  • FalconCast: Falcons vs. Ravens Preview

    Posted Sep 2, 2015

    The FalconCast crew of John Michaels, Jay Adams and DJ Shockley break down some of the positives and negatives from the preseason Week 3 loss to Miami and look forward to the preseason finale with plenty of players on the bubble

  • FalconCast: Fond Farewell, Hearty Welcome

    Posted Aug 20, 2015

    AtlantaFalcons.com's Jay Adams and DJ Shockley bid farewell to longtime host Matt Moore and welcome a brand new FalconCast host before discussing the week from the Branch in this week's episode

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  • FalconCast: Back After a Break

    Posted Apr 24, 2014

    AtlantaFalcons.com’s FalconCast podcast with Jay Adams and Daniel Cox returns after a brief hiatus as the two catch you up on all the happenings around the start of Falcons’ voluntary workouts this week

  • FalconCast: Draft Influencers

    Posted Mar 7, 2014

    AtlantaFalcons.com's Matt Moore and Daniel Cox discuss the many different things that can affect who teams select in the draft, including free agency, the Combine and pro days, in this week's edition of the FalconCast podcast

  • FalconCast: Best Draft Scenarios

    Posted Feb 7, 2014

    What are the best possible scenarios that could happen before the Falcons select at No. 6? AtlantaFalcons.com's Jay Adams and Daniel Cox discuss how the Falcons could best benefit from other teams' choices in this week's FalconCast Podcast