2012 Uniform Schedule

Many fans want their gameday outfit to match what the Falcons are wearing during that particular game, and now it’s possible for you to schedule out what you’ll wear when rooting for the Falcons. Below is the uniform schedule for the Falcons in 2012. The throwback uniform dates are Sunday, Sept. 30 vs. Carolina at the Georgia Dome and Thursday, Nov. 29 vs. New Orleans at the Georgia Dome.

NFL teams are allowed only three uniforms, and the Falcons have chosen home (black helmets, red jerseys, white pants), away (black helmets, white jerseys, white pants) and throwback (red helmets, black jerseys, white pants).

Game Week Opponent Home/Away Jersey Color/Pants Color
Week 1 (P) Baltimore Home Red/White
Week 2 (P) Cincinnati Home Red/White
Week 3 (P) Miami Away White/White
Week 4 (P) Jacksonville Away White/White
Week 1 Kansas City Away White/White
Week 2 Denver Home Red/White
Week 3 San Diego Away White/White
Week 4 Carolina Home Black/White
Week 5 Washington Away White/White
Week 6 Oakland Home Red/White
Week 7 BYE
Week 8 Philadelphia Away White/White
Week 9 Dallas Home Red/White
Week 10 New Orleans Away White/White
Week 11 Arizona Home Red/White
Week 12 Tampa Bay Away White/White
Week 13 New Orleans Home Black/White
Week 14 Carolina Away White/White
Week 15 NY Giants Home Red/White
Week 16 Detroit Away White/White
Week 17 Tampa Bay Home Red/White
Divisional Round Seattle Home Red/White