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The Falcons have a variety of staff members sharing glimpses of their daily lives with their followers. But make sure you also follow the main Falcons Twitter feed, @AtlantaFalcons, for a wide range of news, announcements, contests and other exclusive information!

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Official Falcons Accounts

@AtlantaFalcons - The Official Atlanta Falcons Twitter account
@AFTicketOffice - Latest information on all Falcons ticket-related news
@FalconsGear – Official Falcons Gear, the official retail store of the Atlanta Falcons
@NewATLStadium – Updates and information regarding the New Atlanta Stadium, coming in 2017
@tailgateteam – Atlanta Falcons Tailgate Team
@FalconsCR – Falcons players, coaches and cheerleaders’ community appearances
@ATLCheerleaders – appearance information and more from the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

Falcons Front Office Members on Twitter

@FalconsDQ – Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons Head Coach
@FalconsRMcKay – Rich McKay, President and CEO
@FalconsJAdams – Jay Adams, Digital Media Content Manager
@FalconsDLevak – Dan Levak, Director of Digital Media
@FalconsMMoore – Matt Moore, Video Services Coordinator
@FalconsKara – Kara Durrette, Digital Media Producer
@FalconsCreative – Michael Benford, Creative Services Manager
@FalconsPR – Reggie Roberts, Vice President of Football Communications
@FalconsBCearns – Brian Cearns, Football Communications Coordinator
@FalconsMHaley – Matt Haley, Football Communications Coordinator
@FalconsRFerrin – Reid Ferrin, Player Affairs Seasonal Assistant
@FalconsTron – Tron Stamper, Event Marketing Coordinator
@FalconsBRuth – Brandon Ruth, Live Events and Promotions Coordinator
@FalconsPG – Peyton Gallagher, Travel Advance and Corporate Partnership Executive
@FalconsEquip – Updates from the Falcons Equipment Manager

Follow the Falcons 2015 Rookie Club on Twitter

@VicBeasley3 – DE Vic Beasley
@JarCar_11 – CB Jalen Collins
@Teco_Raww – RB Tevin Coleman
@FreakMagic2 – WR Justin Hardy
@GradyJarrett – DT Grady Jarrett
@jakerodgers_69 – OL Jake Rodgers

Follow Falcons Players on Twitter

@rockorocky – CB Robert Alford
@Ricardo37Allen – CB Ricardo Allen
@S_JBAKER – S Sean Baker
@WhoIsJoplo – LB Joplo Bartu
@biermann71 – DE Kroy Biermann
@MattBosher5 – P Matt Bosher
@AllenBradford21 – LB Allen Bradford
@Matt_Bryant3 – K Matt Bryant
@AJaClay – DE Adrian Clayborn
@PatDiMarco42 – FB Patrick DiMarco
@JDurant52 – LB Justin Durant
@DevontaFreeman – RB Devonta Freeman
@MalG93 – DE Malliciah Goodman
@Rashedehageman – DE Ra'Shede Hageman
@HankTime85 – WR Leonard Hankerson
@aujharris – Long snapper Josh Harris
@JHawley61 – C Joe Hawley
@D_Hest23 – WR Devin Hester
@TeamHolmes7256 – OT Lamar Holmes
@B4_Kemal – S Kemal Ishmael
@juliojones_11 – WR Julio Jones
@BeAst_MoDe90 – DE Stansly Maponga
@MartinoTheKid – WR Freddie Martino
@Mr_Matthews_ – DE Cliff Matthews
@jakematthews70 – OT Jake Matthews
@Collin_Mooney – FB Collin Mooney
@WillyMo_25 – S William Moore
@Brooksreed58 – LB Brooks Reed
@Oneway_Reedy – WR Bernard Reedy
@M_Ryan02 – QB Matt Ryan
@Ob_Scho – LB O'Brien Schofield
@RyanSchraeder73 – T Ryan Schraeder
@Mickey_Shuler – TE Mickey Shuler
@unhsmitty90 – OL Jared Smith
@Rom34Smith – RB Jerome Smith
@D_Southward12 – S Dezmen Southward
@Sprui11z – LB Marquis Spruill
@TheStone64 – C James Stone
@thenastynate54 – LB Nate Stupar
@JacobTamme – TE Jacob Tamme
@LevineToilolo – TE Levine Toilolo
@DesmondTrufant – CB Desmond Trufant
@ericweems – WR Eric Weems
@roddywhitetv – WR Roddy White
@NickyWilz13 – WR Nick Williams
@TJ_Yates – QB T.J. Yates

Follow Falcons Alumni on Twitter

@jamthedirtybird – RB Jamal Anderson
@archerqb16 – QB Dave Archer
@realcbennett97 – LB Cornelius Bennett
@BobbyButler2 – CB Bobby Butler
@KeionCarpenter – S Keion Carpenter
@BuddyCurry50 – LB Buddy Curry
@chrisdraft – LB Chris Draft
@WarrickDunn – RB Warrick Dunn
@BFinn86 – WR Brian Finneran
@Goldberg – DT Bill Goldberg
@tonygonzalez88 – TE Tony Gonzalez
@TwoSportman – S Brian Jordan
@ReggieKelly82 – TE Reggie Kelly
@PatrickKerney – DE Patrick Kerney
@ToddMcclure62 – C Todd McClure
@chrisredman8 – QB Chris Redman
@OJ_G1 – TE OJ Santiago
@chucksmithnfl – DE Chuck Smith
@CWiley99 – DE Chuck Wiley
@CoyWire – LB Coy Wire

Follow Falcons Cheerleaders on Twitter

@AFC_Kiley – 4th Year Cheerleader Kiley B.
@AFC_Dana – 4th Year Cheerleader Dana L.
@AFC_Cece – 4th Year Cheerleader Cecilia B.
@AFC_Kristen – 4th Year Cheerleader Kristen J.
@AFC_Rie – 4th Year Cheerleader Rie O.
@AFC_Sydney – 4th Year Cheerleader Sydney H.
@AFC_Amy – 3rd Year Cheerleader Amy L.
@AFC_Bethany – 3rd Year Cheerleader Bethany N.
@AFC_Leslie – 3rd Year Cheerleader Leslie B.
@AFC_Macy – 3rd Year Cheerleader Macy A.
@AFC_Brianna – 3rd Year Cheerleader Brianna S.
@AFC_Cara – 2nd Year Cheerleader Cara M.
@AFC_Nicole – 2nd Year Cheerleader Nicole B.
@AFC_Annemarie – 2nd Year Cheerleader Annemarie Y.
@AFC_Kiva – 2nd Year Cheerleader Kiva P.
@AFC_Alexandria – 2nd Year Cheerleader Alexandria G.
@AFC_Cayla – 2nd Year Cheerleader Cayla H.
@AFC_Taneshia – 2nd Year Cheerleader Taneshia D.
@AFC_Colleen – 2nd Year Cheerleader Colleen F.
@AFC_Meg – 2nd Yera Cheerleader Megan I.

About Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, you know how compelling the question “What are you doing?” can be. Twitter is more than just the latest fad – it’s changing the way people communicate. Think of Twitter as a text-message-sized statement (a “tweet”) to an audience of many people. So if you follow the AtlantaFalcons Twitter account, along with the thousands who already do so, you’ll be receiving compelling little nuggets of information from the team throughout the day. Here’s a quick video primer for Twitter novices: “Twitter in Plain English.”



Week P1

Friday, August 14, 2015, 7:00 PM EDT
Fri, 08/14 at 7:00 PM EDT
Aug. 14
7:00 PM EDT
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Week P2

Friday, August 21, 2015, 7:30 PM EDT
Fri, 08/21 at 7:30 PM EDT
Aug. 21
7:30 PM EDT
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Week P3

Saturday, August 29, 2015, 7:00 PM EDT
Sat, 08/29 at 7:00 PM EDT
Aug. 29
7:00 PM EDT
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Week P4

Thursday, September 03, 2015, 7:00 PM EDT
Thu, 09/03 at 7:00 PM EDT
Sep. 03
7:00 PM EDT
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