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Quinn Reflects on First Impressions of WR Jones

Posted Feb 13, 2016

Head coach Dan Quinn recently reflected on the first time he saw Pro Bowl WR Julio Jones practice and what in particular stood out to him.

One year later, a specific practice that occurred last May still remains a lasting memory in Dan Quinn’s mind.

In a recent interview where Quinn reflected on his first year as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, he was quick to reminisce on the first time he saw Julio Jones practice.

“The first practice was definitely one thing that jacked me up,” said Quinn. “To get a chance to see a guy like Julio [Jones] in terms of the work ethic to practice was awesome. Because as an opposing coach, all you get to see is the game tape.”

Jones’ physical capabilities can be seen within just one glance of the Alabama product. His physique alone puts him in a separate category with only a few other receivers in the NFL. And, the long list of accolades he’s accumulated over the past five years helps show his impact.

With all of that in mind, Jones’ focus and energy in which he prepares with is what particularly stood out to Quinn.

“The OTA was when I said, ‘now I know why the guy is great,’” Quinn said. “He’s totally gifted, but he works his ass off. I was hoping to see guys play a certain style and that totally came through.”

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