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10 questions with Devonta Freeman: His inspiration, pre-game rituals and more

Posted Oct 12, 2017

Devonta Freeman sat down with's Kelsey Conway to answer 10 questions

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – Devonta Freeman has established that he’s one of the best running backs in the NFL, but what is the Pro Bowl running back like off the field?

Freeman took some time on Wednesday afternoon to answer 10 questions submitted by Falcons fans on Twitter.

1. What is your favorite play of your career so far?

Devonta Freeman: I have a lot of great plays; I don’t have a specific favorite one. Some things I like after the play is done. If I score a touchdown and give one of the offensive linemen the ball and he spikes it, that hypes me up and motivates me. That’s my way of showing them how much I appreciate them. I feel like they deserve all the attention and shine just as much.

2. Will you ever chop your dreads?

Devonta Freeman: No, but I have a reason behind my dreads. My auntie is the one who started [doing] my dreads and this was her last time before she passed away of doing my dreads, so I told myself “I won’t chop them off. I’ll keep them.

3. What drives you to be the best running back and who is your biggest inspiration?

Devonta Freeman: My grandma and my mom. No one motivates me more than those two. What I [saw] as a child, I feel like no child should have to see. Seeing my grandma and my mom get up about three hours before they actually have to be at work walking through the pork ’n beans projects just to catch the bus to go to work. Just doing that daily for years, so there’s no excuse for me.

4. What is your favorite tattoo and why?

Devonta Freeman: All my tattoos are my favorite, they all mean something to me. They are all special to me.

5. If you weren’t playing football, what career would you pursue instead?

6. Would you rather fight one Dontari Poe-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized Dontari Poe’s?

Devonta Freeman: Just one. 100, nah. It’s already hard running from 11 guys on the football field, imagine 100. I know with one duck his size, he won’t catch me.

7. Do you play “Madden” and if so, do you pick yourself?

Devonta Freeman: I play sometimes. My boys they always play me and they always beat me, with me. I don’t know how to stop the Falcons when I play “Madden,” but I mean, who knows how to stop the Falcons in real life. We stop ourselves.

8. Which Falcon would you dress up as to trick or treating?

Devonta Freeman: I would dress up as me.

9. What is your pre-game ritual/favorite meal to eat before games?

Devonta Freeman: Nothing specific as far as meals, no favorite song. I’m just in my own little world, I’m just vibing, chilling. I don’t want to be too bothered, I just want to get in my routine, immediately. As soon as I get to the stadium, I want to just focus and lock in.

10. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Devonta Freeman: If I had a super power, I feel like I would want to be invisible. The reason I say that is because you get away with everything. You can go everywhere and no one would even know. You know, you could go around [to see] the people who love you and surprise them while they are talking about how much they love you.

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