Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

Posted Sep 18, 2013

Head coach Mike Smith spoke to the media after the team's practice on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

Head coach Mike Smith
On preparation for this week:

“I thought we had a good start to the week in terms of the new guys.  They have a lot of catching up to do. We’re excited about the young guys that are going to get an opportunity to play this week, that we’ve been working with all through the offseason.  The new guys heads are swimming and we are going to try and get them up to speed as quickly as we possibly can.”

On Chaney benefiting from a stable environment:

“I don’t know all of his history.  I do remember coming out he was a very athletic player and can run.  It probably would help him, in terms of having different verbiages because every team is a little bit different.  He has probably heard some of the verbiage we use at other stops.”

On whether this amount of injuries at one time has happened to him before:

“I can’t recall having this many injuries, but you can’t concern yourself with that.  We’ve got guys that we’ve prepared to play with in case we have injuries.  We’ve been doing it since we got here in April.  We’ve got some young guys that did well in the OTAs, did well in the minicamps, did well in the preseason.  We are going to line up and go play.”

On the other two players they worked out:

“Again, I’m not going to talk about the guys we worked out.  It is something we have to notify the League with, but we don’t have to publicly say who those guys were.  We worked out four, we ended up signing three.  Chase Thomas is the one we ended up signing to our practice squad.”

On Massaquoi benefiting from Biermann’s injury the most:

“In the game this weekend Massaquoi stepped into that role. Again, we have backups at every position.  Jonathan was playing that role in the game last week and we will put together our game plan based on how we want to try to attack their offense.”

On how he feels about relying on so many rookie players:

“Excited about it.  These guys have done a nice job.  The corners have played well for us in the first two regular season games.  I think the two linebackers had a very good preseason, and I thought Bartu did a very good job in the game on Sunday.  These are the guys we are going to go to work with and go play with.”

On giving up some leads in the second half:

“Well, we didn’t finish well in the ballgame on Sunday.  We had a lull in the third quarter offensively, we had four three and outs and one four and out.  We had two penalties that basically stopped drives.  We can’t have that happen to us.  On the defensive side of the ball, we played nine series through the first part of the game and gave up three points, and in the last three series gave up 21 points.  We have to be better not only as players, but we have to be better as coaches.”

On guarding against relaxing after you take a big lead:

“There is never a safe lead in the NFL, we all know that.  We’ve got to continue to play with the same fortitude we play with at the beginning of the game.  We didn’t’ make plays at the end of the game on defense, and on the offensive side of the ball we did not convert those first downs.  It’s physical and mental that we’ve got to improve in.”

On preparing the rookies for their first initial start:

“I think we started that way back in April.  We try to put these guys in situations in practice the way that we practice and we also do it in the preseason. We talk about it all the time during preseason.  Yes, we are trying to win games, but we are trying to see how these young guys can handle the situations that may come up during the regular season.  I thought they did a good job of it during the preseason, and we are going to get an opportunity to see how much they learned in the preseason and in the offseason.”

On addressing the injuries with the team:

“I don’t think there is any shock factor, and there is going to be a next man up mentality.  That is what we have here.  We are going to get some guys back here very shortly.  Yes, we lost some guys for the season, but teams all across the League do that.  That is what happens in the NFL.  We have to go out there and play.”

On any of the injuries being preventable:

“These are all football injuries that have occurred in the last two ballgames.”

On playing against Tyson Clabo and Brent Grimes:

“Tyson is starting at the right tackle for the Dolphins offense.  We know Tyson, he’s a very competitive guy.  He’s been an integral part of the success we’ve had in previous years.  Brent Grimes, very athletic corner.  Short, but he plays much bigger with his abilities to jump.  He’s off to a very good start, he had the interception and a couple pass break ups.  Those guys are familiar with our guys, we are familiar with them.  It will be fun to go play against them on Sunday.”

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