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The Atlanta Falcons organization – through awareness campaigns and its own actions – is affecting real change in the Metro Atlanta community and beyond, planting seeds for future generations of our earth’s inhabitants.

Spearheaded by Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and his own personal passion for the environment, the Atlanta Falcons Green Initiative has grown into a company-wide cultural movement helping to educate and empower the Falcons front office staff, coaches, players and all associates within the Blank Family of Businesses to become better stewards of our planet and its natural resources.

Our Mission

Atlanta Falcons Green Initiative - Planting Seeds for the FutureThe Falcons commitment to the environment is anchored in three core initiatives: leveraging our high-profile brand in the city of Atlanta & state of Georgia to promote large-scale public initiatives that further green causes; partnering with the Georgia Dome to make our game day home as environmentally-friendly as possible; walking the talk as a business and as individuals, proactively reducing our environmental footprint at our organization’s facilities via policy changes and aggressive “green” programs.

Walking The Talk

The Falcons have taken the following measures as an organization to reduce waste, conserve energy and limit their use of finite resources:

Atlanta Falcons Green Initiative - Planting Seeds for the Future
  • The Green Initiative is now working closely with the Falcons New Stadium Committee, the project architects and general contractors to set a new sports stadium standard for sustainability and positive impact on the community. Learn more about the new Atlanta Stadium.
  • At team headquarters in Flowery Branch, a retention pond is used to water the football fields and some public areas (86,000 gallons per watering). No public water is used in the irrigation process.
  • All T-12 bulbs at team headquarters have been replaced with T-8 or T-5, and all incandescent bulbs have been replaced with compact fluorescent alternatives.
  • All fluorescent lamps and batteries are recycled – about 350 annually.
  • The Falcons organization recycles an average of 9,500 pounds of waste (paper and plastic) per month.
  • Recycling receptacles are located throughout the team headquarters building in Flowery Branch, and a small bin is placed at each staff member’s workspace.
  • All Falcons business cards, letterhead and envelopes are now made of 100% post-consumer waste.
  • All janitorial products used at the Falcons Flowery Branch facility are made of recycled products, including the trash bags.
  • The Falcons save and re-use incoming shipment boxes and packaging.
  • The Falcons use internal office shredded paper as filler for shipments leaving Flowery Branch.
  • The Falcons have replaced most of the bottled water used at team headquarters with filtered water dispensers.
  • Dasani plant bottles are used for all remaining bottled water.
  • Motion sensor light switches have been installed in most offices to reduce electrical usage.
  • The Falcons Indoor Practice Facility lights are on a timer to prevent unnecessary energy usage.
  • Flowery Branch main campus building and player housing thermostats are on permanent energy-conservation settings.
  • All energy usage is tracked and analyzed, and annual goals are established based on historical usage.
  • Green Natura products (corn-based shampoo bottles and waste-reducing soap) are used in player housing buildings.
  • The Falcons partnered with FieldTurf (manufacturers of the Georgia Dome playing surface) to establish a shoe recycling program prior to games at the Georgia Dome.
  • The Falcons helped implement a game day recycling program at the Georgia Dome, providing recycling bins throughout all fan concourses.
  • All dining flatware used for meals at team headquarters is produced from 100% recycled material.
  • All printers throughout the Falcons organization are defaulted to print double-sided, black and white copies.
  • Pro-environmental FAQs are placed each year in high-visibility areas throughout the facility during Training Camp open practices.
  • Falcons associates are encouraged to use Century Gothic font, which has been shown to reduce toner consumption, as their default font when sending email.
  • The Falcons take into consideration an organization’s “green” commitments when evaluating potential business partners.

Novelis Recycling Tips

Green Infractions

  • DeCoud's New Year Green Infraction

    Posted Dec 31, 2012

    We told safety Thomas DeCoud about it once already, but we caught him again not conserving water in the shower after practice. In the end, we're confident that he's resolved to limit his shower time for 2013.

  • D-Block Green Infraction

    Posted Dec 17, 2012

    The linebackers of D-Block find out from a very unlikely source just how much they can help the environment by paying their bills online instead of mailing them out.

  • Freddie Falcon Green Infraction

    Posted Nov 30, 2012

    Head coach Mike Smith finds Freddie Falcon committing a green infraction by printing all his vacation photos — something that could have helped save 16 million tons of wood

  • Todd McClure's Green Infraction

    Posted Nov 20, 2012

    Our cameras caught center Todd McClure taking car-pooling to a whole new level to help save more than $1,200 a year in gasoline and save even more in carbon emissions

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