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Investing across Georgia, the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation seeks to reduce childhood obesity and improve youth fitness. AFYF has a special interest in helping school-age children living in Atlanta and Gainesville neighborhoods designated as Falcons Fitness Zones. Working closely with the NFL Play 60 campaign, Let’s Move, and national organizers such Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and, AFYF makes grants to increase the time kids spend in physical activity and increase access to healthy, affordable food.


In partnership with the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, Good Sports will be donating equipment to Georgia organizations serving low-income children. Grants will be made in the form of equipment, not cash. Good Sports is a nonprofit organization working to increase participation in youth fitness and recreation programs. Good Sports targets one of the major obstacles that can limit participation: access to sports equipment.  For a list of the fourth round equipment grantees click here.
The deadline for Spring 2013 grant applications is December 1, 2012.
How To Apply:
  • Community organizations or schools in Georgia must apply through the Good Sports web site.
  • Equipment donations are intended to broaden participation in physical activity, not to support top athletes.
  • Equipment donations will target school-age children.
  • Grants will be awarded through a competitive process.
  • Not every applicant organization will receive a donation.
This initiative has a specific focus. It is designed for situations where the equipment donation promises to increase participation in some type of physical activity. This initiative is open to ideas related to most any type of physical activity. Preference will be given to opportunities where equipment donations will lead to increased levels of participation over time, not just for one event or one season. The equipment donation initiative is open to any organization in Georgia.


The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation have partnered with the Georgia’s State Park system and the Georgia Association of Physician Assistants (GAPA) to sponsor “Rx for Fitness”. Through the new “Rx for Fitness” program, physician assistants can prescribe healthy hikes in the great outdoors, and patients can turn in their “prescriptions” for free park passes.

“Rx for Fitness” is part of the State Park system’s new Tons of Fun Fitness Challenge which encourages citizens to use outdoor recreation as part of their regular exercise. Park visitors may find that exploring a canyon is more fun than a step machine, and that hiking along a waterfall burns more calories than a treadmill. The parks also offer less traditional exercise, like lake swimming, geocaching and disc golf. Even some state historic sites offer walking trails in beautiful settings.

To learn more about the new “Rx for Fitness” program, visit The website also offers free advice from a personal trainer and nutritionist, healthy recipes, a health journal and more. To explore all of Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites, visit


In partnership with Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools and CBS Atlanta, the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation donated salad bars to 15 Georgia schools.

Through the Let’s Move Salad Bars program, a national campaign to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, AFYF provided salad bars to 15 Georgia schools in 2012 and provide training to school nutrition staff on how to manage the salad bars successfully.  The AFYF awards culminate a two-month statewide campaign to promote salad bars. AFYF received requests for salad bars for more than 40 schools.  AFYF may consider additional salad bar donations.

The winning schools are:

  • Berkmar Middle School, Gwinnett County
  • Couch Middle School, Gwinnett County
  • Knight Elementary School, Gwinnett County
  • Buice School, Gwinnett County
  • Atlanta Preparatory Academy
  • Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School
  • Drew Charter School, Atlanta
  • KIPP Atlanta Collegiate
  • KIPP South Fulton Academy
  • Tucker High School, DeKalb County
  • Baldwin County Schools (2 schools)
  • Floyd County Schools
  • Carrollton City Schools
  • Polk County Schools

To date, the Let’s Move Salad Bars To Schools program has awarded salad bars to more than 1,200 schools across the country, providing more than 600,000 students more fruit and vegetable options in school cafeterias.

Schools may keep applying for future rounds of salad bar donations.  Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools will open the application process again September 1, 2012.

How To Apply:

  • Schools must apply through the Let’s Move Salad Bar online portal at Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools.
  • Any Georgia K-12 school or school district participating in the National School Lunch Program is eligible to apply.
  • Grant guidelines and a Frequently Asked Questions document are available at the site.
  • Grant awards will be based on the presence of a student or faculty champion, the percentage of students participating in the free/reduced lunch program, participation in the Healthier US School Challenge program and the capacity to implement a salad bar program effectively. For applicant schools that do not receive salad bar donations through the AFYF grant, Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools may help eligible schools identify other funding sources.

AFYF Grant Making

AFYF makes grants to nonprofit organizations that demonstrate capacity to reduce obesity and improve fitness among school-age children in Georgia. AFYF directs most of its grants to organizations working in close coordination with one another in Atlanta and Gainesville neighborhoods designated as Falcons Fitness Zones. In particular, AFYF looks to invest in innovative ways to move more children from sedentary to active lifestyles. Partners may serve kids at after-school programs or at school during the school day.

AFYF is especially interested in innovations that change the lives of children who traditionally are most likely to miss out or opt out of physical activity. Instead of prescribing particular types of physical activity, AFYF challenges partners to deliver activities that the kids – AFYF’s ‘customers’ – want to do. As a result, AFYF has expanded opportunities for kids to participate in dance, volleyball, jump rope, swimming and mountain biking.

In addition, AFYF makes grants to organizations pursuing innovative ways for Georgia kids and families to gain increased access to healthy, affordable food. Here, AFYF is most interested in efforts that demonstrate promise for large-scale change across Atlanta or the state.

AFYF does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Interested organizations should send a two- or three-page letter explaining their idea, how the idea builds on partnerships and projects in which AFYF already has invested, how the idea is innovative, and what the effort is likely to cost. From these inquiries, AFYF may invite organizations to submit full applications.

AFYF receives far more inquiries than it can fund. Only a small percentage of ideas submitted ultimately receive grant funding. In reviewing ideas, AFYF may invite organizations to meet with AFYF staff and current grant partners to consider the impact of the proposed work.

AFYF does not make grants:
  • for middle school or high school team sports, development of elite athletes, elite sports leagues or travel teams;
  • directly to parochial or private schools or public schools and/or agencies (booster clubs, PTA or PTO groups), however community-based non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) designation, who meet all other organizational criteria and that run programs within a public school, may submit an inquiry to run a program within that school;
  • to individuals;
  • for events;
  • to government agencies or munipalities; or
  • to serve kids outside of the state of Georgia.

LISC – NFL Grassroots Program

A partnership between the NFL Youth Football Fund and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the NFL Grassroots Program has awarded more than $30 million in grants over 13 years to local nonprofits focused on the health and welfare of their communities, especially the children in their neighborhoods. The latest round of grants supporting new and upgraded fields can be found here.

To learn more about the Grassroots Program and how to apply, please visit the LISC site at


  • Workout with Freddie Falcon

Freddie Falcon Workout 1

Freddie Falcon Workout 2

Freddie Falcon Workout 3

  • Falcons Fitness Zone RISE UP Recipes

AFYF challenged Sodexo District Executive Chef, Desmond Fannin to come up with some healthy and delicious recipes. He even carved the cantaloupe in the photo above for the occasion. The food was such a hit that folks were filling up plates to take with them! Below are two favorite recipes, officially taste tested and approved by our Falcons Fitness Zone partners. The Blond Brownies made with sweet potatoes are DELICIOUS! Find out more about Chef Desmond on Twitter @ThatSkinnyChef

Whole Grain Risotto

Blonde Brownies with Sweet Potatoes

AFYF was established in 1985 to serve as the philanthropic arm of the Atlanta Falcons. Since Arthur Blank acquired the Atlanta Falcons in 2002, AFYF has operated as an affiliated fund of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and grown to be the largest owner-funded foundation in the National Football League, providing more than $18 million in grants to nonprofit organizations across the state of Georgia.