2011 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Calendar

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You'd need a calendar to keep track of how long the process took from concept to creation for the 2011 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Calendar. Starting in January, a focus group made of of the Falcons' new media, event marketing and creative services departments came together to brainstorm a way to make the cheerleader calendar happen.

The group met with Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders coordinator Chato Waters to cover logistics of the shoot, planning hair and makeup, shoot location and accommodations. By April, all the plans had been settled.

In July, a group of 20 cheerleaders, along with a roster of crew, hair and makeup artists and Falcons staff traveled to the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort for the shoot. The group spent just less than a week in Mexico for the shoot. After months of work putting the calendar together, it's finally ready for Falcons fans to purchase.

"It's been a wonderful process," Waters said. "They are ecstatic, everyone, all 39 of them including myself and the choreographer. We are just so pleased with this project. This is the first time under my direction that we've actually had a calendar, and we hadn't had one since 2003. This is really, really big and we are just excited that it came out exceptionally well."